300 Today

300’s first gig on 8th September 2017 in Zurich.

300 is a “Spartanic Rock’n’Roll” band from Switzerland.

The idea for our name came up in Frau Gerolds Garten in Zürich when George and Peter met by chance for the first time. On a warm summer night they discussed the devastating and saddening situation of Rock’n’Roll in the year 2017. Many Rock’n’Roll heroes had died recently, others were seriously ill and off stage – (now late) Malcolm Young and Brian Johnson of AC/DC included. Hard Rock’n’Roll seemed to be doomed.

Rock’n’Roll needed 300 Spartans to rush for its defense!

With George being a Greek the name 300 made perfectly sense. The idea was born, stage outfit (Spartanic) and genre (Spartanic Rock’n’Roll) were naturally defined.

We had our first gig on 8th September 2017, in Zürich at the rowing club Nordiska. (We are also friends of Vikings…)

Before we started composing our own material we learned to understand what Spartanic Rock’n’Roll really means. We did this by learning to play AC/DC cover songs and by “spartanizing” other songs that have a potential to sound like Hard Rock’n’Roll should sound (like AC/DC).

Our first song is 300 We Are, which we played publicly for the first time at Gleis 21 on 17 September 2020.

Our members are:

‘300 We Are’, first time performed live on stage at Gleis 21, 17 Sep 2020

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